Vibration Analysis

Morgan Electric Motors provides preventive/predictive maintenance services, performed by skilled technicians. These services include: Electrical Motor Testing, Field Balancing, Thermo-graphic Surveys and Vibration Analysis of rotating machinery and Oil Analysis. Vibration Analysis provides the largest payback on a company’s investment in preventive/ predictive maintenance technologies. Machine faults can be seen before they reach a level that will cause failure. Using information about the status of a machine can help the maintenance department plan and schedule procedures, minimize downtime and increase equipment availability, greatly reducing maintenance costs. Our technicians can assist your maintenance personnel in selecting what equipment should be monitored and what technologies should be used to meet the needs of your company.
Selecting machines that have the greatest effect on productivity is an important function of a Condition Monitoring program. Machines that have a history of high maintenance costs should also be considered. Using the predictive technologies available can greatly aid the maintenance department in determining the root cause of repeated failures. Correcting the root cause will prolong machine life, provide a safer work environment and increase profitability. Experts agree that a comprehensive predictive/preventive maintenance program will combine aspects of all the programs listed. Morgan Electric Motors technicians are well qualified to provide these valuable services and help you meet your RCM goals.


Why do I need Vibration Monitoring?

Vibration monitoring can tell us a great deal about a machine.

Routine monitoring

Morgan Electric Motors


Provides early warning of failure

Increase profitability

What do I really Gain?

1.  Equipment that fails while in use costs up to 10 times more to repair than equipment that is scheduled for repair when predicted by condition monitoring.
2.  Customers can cut their annual maintenance budget by up to 33% when they convert to a maintenance program based on condition monitoring.
3.  Customers can save up to 10% on energy costs by improving the efficiency of their machines.
4. Catastrophic failure can lead to unsafe working conditions or injury.

Morgan Electric Motors These types of failures can be prevented!

What are the Key Functions?

  • Select the machines to monitor
  • Data acquisition       
  • Data presentation
  • Data Interpretation
  • Data analysis
  • Report machine status to customer
  • Recommendations
  • Correction

  • Continued monitoring


What do I need to do?

1. Determine what machines require monitoring 2. Determine the frequency of your monitoring program 3. Be proactive


What will we do for you?

1. Assist you in selecting the machines 2. Determining the frequency 3. Be Proactive